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Yoga Retreats Gozo & Boutique Events

More than just a guesthouse.....

Dar tal-Kaptan's unique space, with its variety of indoor and outdoor communal areas, rural and centuries' old architectural features, its eclectic decor and artwork and many nooks and curious crannies, makes it an ideal venue for Boutique events.

These may include Boutique Weddings, Private Parties, Wine Tasting Events, Book Launches, Poetry Nights, Art Therapy, Yoga and Meditation Retreats, Cooking and Food Preparation Classes.

The guesthouse may be rented in its entirety, or just certain select areas.

Years of entertaining guests coupled with a wealth of experience in boutique event organisation together with our inquisitive natures, a yearning for change and creative expression and most of all, a love of bringing people together and making connections make us ideal partners for collaborations.

Should you be interested in viewing Dar tal-Kaptan, please send us an email on our contact page

ART HOLIDAY 2017/2018


Fully tutored ART Holiday this November 2017 and April 2018 at Dar tal-Kaptan Boutique Maison

To book and for more information go to


Apr 18, 2018 - Apr 23, 2018 at Dar tal-Kaptan Boutique Maison

There is one thing of utmost importance to any woman. And it’s the hardest thing to do for most women. Relaxing. Switching off. Stopping the nurturing that is not just a part of our nature, but that IS our nature. Taking care of ourselves, thinking of ourselves first, ourselves only. We hardly ever get the chance to do so in our daily lives – and hardly any of us succeed in doing it guilt-free. But our health and creativity depend on it, our sanity depends on it, and our entire family – those people we take care of day in day out – they too depend on it!

Yoga retreat space

Dar tal-Kaptan Boutique Maison offers a serene and healing oasis for restoring body and mind equilibrium on a sunny mystical island in the centre of the Mediterranean.

Housed in a 400 year old rural farmhouse with themed suites, original sculpture and artwork, sauna/hammam, pool, jacuzzi, library, relaxation lounges, conservatory, garden, private terraces and outdoor space for yoga.

Surrounded by beautiful country walks, accessible by public transport and just a five minute drive from the capital or nearest swimming cove, Dar tal-Kaptan provides a sanctuary to re-create, re-invent and re-energise yourself.

Gozo itself is steeped in history which goes back to its sacred neolithic temples. The Maltese Islands are English speaking and easily accessible from all over Europe. Furthermore Malta and especially Gozo were voted the safest country in Europe to bring up children.


Date: 24-31 DEC 2015

Location: Dar Tal-Kaptan Boutique Maison, Triq il-Fanal, Ghasri, GSR 1207, Ghawdex

This is an opportunity to immerse yourself into a world of; Yoga, Meditation and Healing.

RELAX and REST your body, RESTORING it back to good health through the practice of Yoga and Meditation.

RE-EVALUATE your hopes, dreams and heart's desires READY for a new year - 2016. 

Our First Boutique Wedding - June 2016

APRIL 2016


A Moveable Feast

Date: 30/ 04/16

Time: 2pm

Location: Dar Tal-Kaptan Boutique Maison, Triq il-Fanal, Ghasri, GSR 1207, Ghawdex

This Salon is inspired by two of our favourite things: inspiration and ingestion.

What are your favourite fictitious feasts? What food do you enjoy devouring as you voraciously read and consume art? What tipple of choice spurs you on to write, sculpt, paint or compose?

Food, drink, creativity and nourishment. These are our themes in a 'Moveable Feast'

Together we will digest each other's sharings, being original creations inspired by the event or excerpts of instances where food has taken centre stage in fiction and art.

Venue: Salon goes Gozo for the first time. Make a day or a weekend of it. The setting for our intimate gathering is a warm, sensual and eclectic Boutique Maison in Ghasri. Check it out at

Fee: There is no charge for this salon. However all participants are required to bring an 'edible' offering along with them, inspired by a fictitious meal. Think Babette's Feast, Like Water for Chocolate, The Mad Hatter's Tea Party in Alice in Wonderland, The Last Supper by Da Vinci. Literally get your creative juice flowing!!



Date: 4/12/15

Time: 8.30pm

Location: Dar Tal-Kaptan Boutique Maison, Triq il-Fanal, Ghasri, GSR 1207, Ghawdex

An Anthropologist, Food, Four boutique vineyards. Two Maltese, Two Gozitan, and one Specialist Wine Importer. 6 surprises. A blind tasting.

Malta University lecturer, Rachel Radmilli, who is studying wine industry from a socio-cultural perspective will be enlivening the evening with a historical, anthropological take on 'Wine as a Game'. As we inbibe, she will be peppering her trail of alcoholic anecdotes with how our enjoyment of wine has always been a multi-sensory activity. 

Events at Dar tal-Kaptan


September 2015

Raw Chocolate Weekend

October 2015

La Boheme Post-Opera Dinner

Peter's 65th Birthday

Christmas Eve Fondue Dinner and Christmas Lunch and Breakfast 2017 (guests and family)

New Year's Eve 2017 for guests and friends

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