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So what's all the fuss?

Just 14km long and 7.25km wide and with only 37,000 inhabitants, Gozo is the Mediterranean's best kept 'secret'. Greener, more rural and laidback than its big sister Malta, and featuring dramatic cliffs, hidden coves and sandy beaches, this jewel of an island is beloved by trekkers, divers, foodies, honeymooners and local and expat writers and artists.

Malta may be the first point of call, but it is Gozo that travellers return to time and time again, often deciding to buy a property here and live, Odysseus like, in enchantment.

The days here are punctuated by piazza culture catch-ups and gossip over coffee, followed by long leisurely lunches, beach siestas and Pimms at sunset. The more adventurous can get sporty with kayaking, hiking, cycling, abseiling, waterskiing and cave exploration. There are a plethora of restaurants waiting for you to tantalise your tastebuds and wine tasting and agrotourism forays to keep you satiated. 

The Maltese Islands are steeped in history, and their strategic position in the centre of the Mediterranean, and at the crossroads of civilisation have left a multi-hued legacy of conquest, colonisation, and triumph in the face of extreme adversity, economic reinvention and unique architectural heritage.

The Gozitans are characterised by their devout faith, resilience, hard work, toil and sweat and a mindset; half Arab, half European that bridges an innate tendency to guarded secrecy and religious sentiment with unbridled curiosity, openness, friendliness and tolerance towards outsiders.

The world's oldest free-standing structure, the neolithic temple complex of Ggantija, is to be found on Gozo and from the dawn of civilisation and Mother Goddess worship, down to the modern-day Catholic Marian cult, this Island has always been enshrouded in a mystical matriarchal energy.

Whatever your intent, come discover this Mediterranean pearl for yourself.

We've been waiting centuries for your vsiit....

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Highlights of Gozo..... our top tips

  • Sunset and the Inland Sea at Dwejra

  • Beaching it on the red sand at Ramla Bay

  • The scent of ripe figs and the view of terraced fields, bamboo fences and Cypress trees punctuating the skyline on the descent to San Blas bay

  • Grabbing a Gozitan potato and anchovy pizza, a raisin and goats’ cheese qassata or a pumpkin and rice pie from either Mekren or Maxokk bakery and taking in the 360 view from Nadur

  • Washing your face in the fountain in Lunzjata Valley on a hot summer’s afternoon

  • Ambling along the orange groves in Ghajn Rihana Valley and snorkeling among the many inlets of Dahlet il-Qorrot

  • Scuba diving and surfacing for grilled fish at Mgarr ix-Xini

  • Getting lost in the winding alleyways in Victoria’s historic center and visiting St. Gorg’s Basilica after a coffee and natter in the square.

  • Inhaling devotion at The Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary.

  • Pondering the mystery of Ggantija’s Neolithic Temples

  • Trekking from Xlendi to Dwejra

  • A siesta in the shade of Mushroom rock at Qbajjar, Marsalforn

  • Chilling out by the pool at Dar tal-Kaptan!!!!

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